No registration fee




Monday to Friday 06:00-18:00



2nd second child

R discount




Monday to Friday 06:00-14:00



1. School fees must be paid in advance  on or by the 1st of each month.


2. Payments made after the 4th will be invoiced a penalty of R200.


3. Unpaid school fees may result in your account being handed over and your


child witrhdrawn from Tilly’s Nest Nursery.


4. Late collections will be invoiced R100 per child for every 30 minutes.

5. I agree to pay the monthly fees in full even  if my child/ren is absent for any reason.


6. One calendar month written notice is required if you wish to remove your child


from Tilly’s Nest or an extra months fee will be invoiced.


7. Any notice given for November does not exempt you from Decembers fees. 


Children leaving must pay December fees.


8.Payments are payable via bank transfer or cash.


Bank – FNB – Mr Leon C Serfontein  Branch – Key West  Current account


Account- 62666796481 Brach code- 250655


I_____________________________________parent of ________________________________


acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of Tilly’s Nest Nursery schools payment system.